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System Administrator at Stephens Media LLC

March 2008

This Position currently entails managing approximately 20 Solaris servers, running from solaris 8 to solaris 10. These systems have many different configurations including a 4 node solaris 9 cluster using veritas for volume management of around 160 fibre connected disks. To smaller setups that entail everything from DNS servers running bind on solaris 10 to a box set aside for secure ssl credit card transactions using solaris zones. My first project for this company was scripting a way to transfer zones between 2 Niagara based blade systems. This project was closed once completed due to the software that would be running in the zones not able to take advantage of the hardware. among the linux duties is running a n+1 cpanel controlled web setup. this setup was designed and implemented by me. and currently includes but is not limited to 10 front facing apache httpd servers that host php and python based services. these servers connect to a 4 node mysql set. this is all controlled by a single cpanel server that is not front facing. if asked i can draw up the layout. Other duties include web page management of the drupal/pressflow installations as well as educating the editors and upper management about the use of CMS software. And managing the Amazon Cloud infrastructure which hosts 10 daily publications, as well as several weekly publications. I also design and implement the amazon cloud Infrastructure. 

PHP Developer at Selling Source LLC

October 2006 - February 2008

Maintenance programing on back end system running 45+ separate online loan sites. implement new campaigns and new code for handling different situations. Manage XML input and output for loan processing. Program rules for governing how loan applicants are handled and which third party loan office they will be sent to. Contact programmers with third party loan companies in regards to the input/output flow with there servers.

Technical Support Specialist at ClientLogic

March 2002 - August 2004

call center support specialist working for Earthlink dell, and earthlink mailstation.

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Linux, Quantum Physics, Games