MySQL performance tweaks.

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Some common tweaks for gaining performance in some situations with mysql. One of the ways in which mysql can be enhanced is to turn on query caching, and set it up for sane defaults. another is table tweaks. as well as changing database and query methods. as well as the use of tools to determine what kind of changes are needed. 

Linux Basics: Laying pipework - part 1

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one of the biggest reasons for learning the Command line interface of linux is the ability to work several commands together in order to get a better output. these programs were made with this design in mind.they do one task well. this means the programs are smaller and lighter. you just need more of them. to understand how to link these programs together into more full commands you need to know how pipes work.



Your Story

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so lately i have an odd need. to hear peoples stories. the story they feel defines them. the story of who they are and how they feel about them selves. and sadly i have had no takers. no one seems to want to connect on such a personal level. maybe it is my need for that human connection i have denied myself for so long. maybe because my own story has hit a long dry spell.

if you feel you have a story for me please. send it to I will greatly appreciate it.