Linux Quicky. after effects of changing a uid or gid, on a user or group.

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okay, lets say you have a basic understanding of linux. and you find out you need to have the same uid and gid between a couple of servers for say NFS sharing. At this point i would point out using some shared service, like LDAP, or NIS, for user control would be idle. but it is to late. you have established systems. and you need to change these users to match between all the systems. AND you need to update files after the change.


Personal Cloud - The Why

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lately I have been wanting to design and build a personal cloud setup. just a couple of servers, with a public and private facing side. nothing to out their but in the same sense enough to learn with. however there is a LOT of costs associated with a personal cloud. the price of hardware alone is mind blowing when compared to say a cheap server running vmware. however these are some of the things i plan to do with it that i think justifies the cost.


Solaris Fibre disk that won't go away.

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Say you have a Fibre disk in Solaris. that disk in in sun cluster, is a mirror in veritas to a second disk. now say that disk is removed before you remove it in veritas and on the system. so you have this disk just sitting there in solaris that does not really exist. just sitting there staring at you. Veritas lists the disk as error [since it no longer exists]. and you have removed it from the plex, but other wise have left the disk alone. 




Scammers, oh what fun.

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I do love playing games with the Nigerian and Malaysian scammers. it is so easy sometimes to forget this is a real problem and some idiots really do fall for these. understandably it is mostly older people. or people who do not understand and do not think before they react. however here are some things I do to keep my money and scammers well separated.


One liners

swap bar graph

this one is really just a stupid bash trick. all it will do is display the current swap usage as a bar graph. and there is more formatting then there is calculation.

quickly restart all nova-compute nodes in a mirantis openstack cluster

sometimes you need to run a command on ALL of a type of node in openstack, and if you have miantirs openstack you have a fuel server you can run these commands from. using this quick one liner for example will restart every nova-compute process on all up and active nodes.

Netbackup Tape catalogs

Quick command to see how many tapes are in Each media pool in Netbackup.